A Breathtaking Home Cinema Experience

by Dome4u

01st December 2022

Paulo and the team at Dome4U were approached by a visionary investor client that demands nothing but the best. The brief was to produce an immersive, high performance home cinema that delivered breathtaking results.

"We were given freedom to lead the project, design, engineer and implement the cinema. With this approach, we were able to express all the experience throughout the team to produce something very special for the client" Paulo comments.

The project is in a premium Villa in Quinta do Lago, Algarve. The Villa is located in Lago front line. They also worked on the whole home automation, including light design, audio and video multiroom, HVAC and security integration, outdoor entertainment and, of course, this magnificent cinema room.

The success of this project also relied upon key input from the builder, interior designer and electrician. By having a team approach, we were all able to work in harmony to ensure every aspect was carefully considered and executed.

Dome4U chose Artcoustic for the Audio of the cinema. "We made some customization in the speaker's frames and in the bafflewall, making a perfect match to the decoration. In terms of Audio processor and amplifiers we choose Audio Control in order to achieve the best calibration and fidelity. The marriage between Artcoustic spitfire / SL speakers and Audio Control processor and amplifiers was an essential choice and it really made the difference."

The integration is achieved by Control4. A Neeo Silver remote is available in the room to control all systems, from A/V to HVAC, Lights and so on.

As a valued Partner, Dome4U involved the Genesis HTA team from the start and we were able to assist them in all phases making sure everything was made in accordance with the best practices and standards.

The result: A truly WOW immersive cinema experience #kudos to the Dome4U team👏 👏 👏

4 tech-savy partners started out as a KNX engineering company and named it Dome4U.
At first it was more like a gig on the side but demand kept increasing and 3 years ago some very high profile projects came in.
The rest as they say is history…

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