ICE Cinema™ Algarve, Portugal

by CPD Sound & Vision

16th July 2021

Chris Davies and the amazing team at CPD Sound and Vision were asked by a client to create a private cinema that the whole family could enjoy. Half of a large open plan games room was allocated to the project and the team knew exactly what to do!

Working from the clients brief, Chris was able to design an ICE Cinema™ to fit perfectly to the family's lifestyle. By choosing sofa’s over the traditional cinema seating, the room took on a much more relaxed feel where everyone can be comfortable.

A full demo presentation was given to the client and at the end their comment was “Simply Amazing”. What more praise do you need. A stunning project and ICE Cinema™ inspiration
built with amazing audio and a fully integrated smart control system throughout. Congratulations everyone at CPD Sound and Vision.

Over the past 20 years CPD have built an enviable reputation as a home technology provider throughout Portugal..

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