A WOW Immersive Family Media Room

by Dome4u - Engenharia e Integração, Lda

30th March 2021

Dome4u are Home Technology Architect specialists with an eye for detail and a passion to exceed expectations. A property owner approached the company looking for a solution for their unused basement, the team set to work to transform the space into an immersive family media room.

The family now all agree this is their favorite place to hang out together. They chill out with their favorite Netflix series or TV Shows, choose a movie for family movie night or get lost in the immersive gaming experience.

The space has a very calm and relaxing atmosphere thanks to the perfect choice of ambient lighting all controlled by a seamless Ekinex and Control4 system.

4 tech-savy partners started out as a KNX engineering company and named it Dome4U.
At first it was more like a gig on the side but demand kept increasing and 3 years ago some very high profile projects came in.
The rest as they say is history…

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